Nightmare Creatures II

ok, I dont wanna get banned but Im going to mention copied DC games here now. Ive waited along time to ask this and now that the DC is pretty much dead in the water Im going to ask. I purchased Nightmare Creatures II for the DC about 1 year ago... I enjoy the game but find some problems with it... every now and then it crashes completely giving me the reason why it crashed, like a beta or prototype would do... forcing me to reboot the dc system. I thought nothing of it until I downloaded a dc rip by ULS of Nightmare Creatures II and got a totally different thing... it never crashes anymore! ever! plus its got totally different music for the intro sequence. Different sound effects near the beginning of the game... all in all the game is different. So I would like to know what the hell I purchased at the store! A beta, a prototype, or what?
Who knows?

BTW, do you know where munchkins dwell?
Fakk did you buy the first version at a major store such as Best Buy? Or an import or thrift store? If you bought it at an import store or something it could have been a beta or not a full version.
I bought it at Game Stop "Funcoland" new origonal version, not any greatest hits version. thanks.

and I think munchkins dwell only in our outer bieng of our inner selves.
Sometimes bugs are silently fixed, there are many games where the first pressings have serious bugs which were later fixed. Unfortunately you don't have a way of telling which version you're buying. The game uses WinCE which I assume has some sort of memory protection.
hmmm... Strange thing is its supposed to have music by Rob Zombie and the rip I downloaded doesnt have Rob Zombie music at all....its very strange indeed.

and Jurai thanks so much for the most intresting post... its so full of thought.

The game blows like yo mama.
Alot of people ripping DC games are also customizing then in some fashion. (Changing music, intros, etc. For all we know the rip you downloaded was changed.
then they changed alot of it, (graphics, sound fx, music, intro). I have a ton of ripped games and none of them are different like this one.
I had the same kinda issues with shenmue, i bought it, and it crashed Randomly on load screens, but the rip works fine.... it wasnt just a bad copy either, cause we tried 3 different ones, and they ALL did it.
I wonder if the Dreamcast in question has trouble reading GD-ROM discs, causing the crashes? It may not have trouble with regular CDs.