Nintnedo Sponser Des Lynham!

To mark today's European release of Super Mario Sunshine, Nintendo UK has signed a one-year deal to sponsor the facial hair of sports commentator Des Lynam.

Nintendo UK has this morning announced that, to mark today's release of the eagerly awaited Super Mario Sunshine in Europe, it has signed a one-year deal to sponsor the moustache of TV sports commentator Des Lynam.

Sports personalities in the UK have long enjoyed lucrative endorsement deals for products such as soft drinks, snacks, and sunglasses but this latest deal is perhaps the strangest and most tenuous to date. Like Mario, Des Lynam is famous for sporting a moustache and this--at least in the eyes of Nintendo UK--makes the sports anchorman from London the perfect choice as ambassador for the Italian-American plumber from Brooklyn.

"I'm pleased that the true worth of my moustache has finally been realized," commented housewife heartthrob Lynam. " It's something I've worn proudly for years, despite what fashions have come and gone. I consider Mario a long-serving brother in arms, and long may we both wear our fine facial hair with pride."

Lynam proudly sported his new GameCube purple moustache for a photo call in London earlier, although we suspect that no matter how much Nintendo has paid him it'll be back to its natural color in time for his next TV appearance.


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hey, if i had a moustache like mario, i'd flaunt it too

You do![/b][/quote]

hey i do!