No Audio from Dreamcast

I'm so pissed off...mainly at myself. I think I ruined my DC system, I accidently dropped it, roughly 1 foot off my desk, and now I can't get any audio from the system.

It runs and plays games perfectly. I dropped the system along the left sift of the unit...the side with the input connections are. I do get some audio actually..but it's severly low...almost mute...I have to crank my tv volume all the way to hear it barely.

I've wiggled and played the the AV cable input in hopes that it may have been damaged in the fall.

Does anyone know of a way to fix this issue at all, or am I totally screwed and have to actually buy a replacment DC? :damn:

Thanks for any advice given
Well, it happened something similar to me once. It was the AV cable. I bought a new one an it worked again.... but my dc is now dead XD
I haven't taken the system apart yet to do a check on internal damage...but in all honesty, I kinda doubt it was damaged inside that easily. The drop didn't even scuff the plastic. Thats how tiny that drop was. It wasn't even a full blown 1 foot drop as it sorta slid down and landed on the cable connections and then flopped sorta hard on the left side of the system. So not a real drop.

I think its either the av cable somehow got damaged (it feels sorta loose inside the av jack. Or the actual Av jack is damaged on the system.

Those are my only ideas...I'm gonna go a probably by a cheap AV cable from Gamestop and do a test before I screw up the DC more with me tearing it apart. I doubt that when I take the system apart, I can fix it without needing good DC parts...which would mean buying one from Gamestop, which would be pointless in using a good DC to try and fix a broken one. :damn:

So if the Av cable doesn't work...I'll have to get a new DC regardless I'm sure :damn:


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well I am sorry to hear of your mishap, but there is good news..... AV cables are dirt cheap!!!!!!!!! I think they are 2 bucks at gamestop... :cheers
I bought a av cable recently at Gamestop, and sadly it didn't work at all :damn: I still have no sound coming out at all. Completely a sad waste of a Dreamcast. I guess i'll just have to cough up the money and buy one from Gamestop...maybe tear open this one and see if I can fix it somehow.

What really sucks about all this is how it got messed up so easily..... :damn:


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Yeah, at the very least open it up and see what the connections to the AV port look like. Maybe its something obvious.
I ended up paying up for a DC at gamestop finally. But I am going to open up my old DC and give it a look around, see if it is something obvious that broke, I hope so. Would be nice to have 2 working DCs instead of one.