Whoot!!!Went out for lunch a little while ago and stopped at a gaming store. Grabbed a Nomad W\ac & car adaptor for $45. Only need battery pack and av cable. I'ze so happy!!
you bastid i want one too but they damn expensive everywhere i look they go for like 120 canadian
i will get one though somehow someway hehe


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I've had two nomads now, sold em both. Good little system, although its too big to lug around. I'm just gonna go for a GBA with breath of fire 2.
Originally posted by solid_snake@June 17 2002,12:54

Did you get any games ?

Yeah, they through in Vectorman, Sonic 2 and Stargate. Anyone know of an internet site that sells Nomad battery packs? Tried googling and came up dry. Also, will the genny av work with the Nomad?
I think the Nomad used the same power accessories as the Game Gear. Look for a GG rechargeable battery instead.


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Yep, the A/V cables are the same. But when you use them, you might notice that the Nomad is a tad slower than the Genesis.

At least, that's what I noticed. Not with Streets of Rage, but with NFL 95, and other sports games.

But when you fire up Streets of Rage 2 (as I did repeatedly last weekend) you forget all that - there's nothing like playing it as a handheld.

There are two types of GG battery packs, from what I can tell, one is the actual packs that sit in the battery compartment, the other is this mouse looking thing that connects to the A/C Adaptor. Obviously the first won't work w/ the Nomad, but the 2nd is touted as working. (I'm sure it'd work w/ a lot of things)

That reminds me - up until this point I thought I didn't buy anything at a console launch, but I got the nomad the day it came out (what was that, 6 years ago?).
I love my nomad, but its a big mistake to play shining on the darkness on it because you will either go blind or have to memorize the text.