Non american ports

My two picks, El Viento (spelling?) and Pulseman.

El seems like an older game, but the classic action game. Only a few scenes in Jap, but the pictures give you the general ideas of what the plot is.

Pulseman is like Ristar meets Megaman. Cartoony looking, but a great game. Looks like a Sonic style of graphics, and standard action gameplay.
El viento wasnt ported to America , I had this game your probably right . It was a wolf team renvation game like Valis right ?

I like Devil Hunter Yoko !!!
Hey! Now I'm not the only one who loves Devil Hunter Yoko

I got it cheap in a sale years ago, it's a very underrated game in my opinion!

gory_chow, Panorama Cotton is a must-have Japanese title - it's rare tho
Shame they never released it outside of Japan.
Originally posted by Xavier@May 06 2002,05:18

El viento wasnt ported to America , I had this game your probably right .

Yeah, that is the point of this topic, to post Genesis games that didn't come to America.
El Viento WAS realsed in america.

I reccomend Alien Solider, Yu Yu Hakiso Gaiden (SP ?) (not the 4 player fighting game, as it's shit) and Ninja Burai Densteau ( I spelt the last part of this name wrong)
I know captain I was being a smart aleck

What about The newzealand Story I have this on Megadrive but dont ever remember seeing it on genesis . Was also released on Nintendo and Called kiwi craze .
New Zealand Story only came out on MegaDrive in Japan - Here in the UK it's one of the very rare carts and would probably be worth a bit!

I sold my copy years ago when it was still relatively easy to come by, I've regretted it since.
Originally posted by Xavier@May 06 2002,15:33

UIG , this looks like a american "genesis" cart to me .

I think otherwise it would say megadrive and the edges would be rounder . Maybe this is some kinda rare proto-type game .

Yup, my bad, I have always playied the Jap version, and have never found the English version, until now.

BTW, maybe I should say the "engrish" version, kindof bad tranlation job...
Some interesting titles:

Nadia no Fushugi no Umi

King Colossus

Surging Aura

Panorama Cotton (incredible effects!)

Vixen 357

Bahamut Bahant Senki

Dodge Ball-Kuy kid

Sailor moon

and the two Yu Yu Hakusho (hey the one from Treasure is very good and not shit!).