Not Sure Where To Start

I love the Shining Force series, so when I found out I could try the roms, I went in search of a place to get them at.

Well I found SX, and now I could use a little help.

I can never get into an ftp site, so I just go to the SX hub in d.c. and I search for
Shining Force Cd
, thats just about the only game I want right now.

So there are a few types I can download, compressed files like .rar or .zip or .ace, or iso's.....When I download a .rar or an ace or zip, all I get is a few songs from the game.

So, what do I have to do, to get the actual rom, do I have to burn the iso or whatever.....please help, I am a little confused ???
Zips and rars usually have the iso file along with the music from the game. So you should be safe downloading ne of those. of course i could be wrong.
Can someone give me the link for either the newbie101 section please, i wanna try to figure this out cuz i am going on vacation soon, and want to have some games to play on the plane
mal, you seem to know a lot

all I want to do is play a sega cd game on my computer, do I have to burn a cd to do this, or can i just open the files in an emulator like kega
Victory is MINE!!! thanx mal, your awesome

Now if i could just get the sound to work....there are sound effects, but no songs