NTSC video + A/V


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I know that a modulated signal on a coax cable can go for quite a long distance before signal degradation becomes a serious problem, but what about composite video (specifically, NTSC) and audio running over typical RCA cables? Does anyone know how far these can go before signal degradation starts becoming noticeable?
I've run unbalanced line level (RCA) audio to about 90 meters before, but at that lenght you should be using a DI.

As for composite video, I think you could probably get atleast 20 or 30 metres from dodgy old RCA cables. I've never tried using domestic cabling.

Proper coax is much better though.

Oh yeah, being in a PAL country I don't really know about NTSC.

How far were you thinking?
At that lenght I'd say you'd be alright.

There's only one way to find out though...
Does it matter past about 5m? Don't you have to be able to see what you a re trying to transmit over the cables?
Where I work it's quite possible.

We have, say, a VCR at the side of the stage.

The audio needs to run 90 meters up to the audio control room and the video needs to run 20 meters (or whatever) to a video projector.

Although what it is that ExCyber is planning, I do not know.