old nintendo news

im sure many of you guys now about these things but i was bored and just sufing when i came across this -

now personaly i HATE nintendo - so i like this guy , but i like thier systems - but i dont buy them untill they are dead (because im a collector) - my dislike of nintendo goes back to the days of the sega master system and how every one i knew bashed the system - how they called it junk - a peice of plastic - crap etc. there was only one other kid in my class that had one - all we could do was just point out specs but that didnt work - we always took a beating in the arguments

boy did i hate nintendo -- yes i did borow it (because they had metal gear and bionic commando) but i never bought it

and will never give them any money -personaly i give some of the credit for segas demise to the scumbag buisness practices of nintendo

well enough rambling here is what i found - id like to see more of this stuff out on the net

Wow. I felt like I was going to have a few beans to spill in response, but decided to read your link first. And it makes a lot of sense, and explains your feelings as well. The author even brings up the exact same point I had thought of myself, that of comparing Nintendo to Microsoft.

That aside, I do agree that games for Nintendo's consoles always seem to be scarce... the Gamecube is a fabulous system but it NEEDS more games (and more adult-type games, most of all). I wasn't even really aware of how Mario, Star Wars and sports-type games are rehashed with every new system until I saw that brought up in the article.

All in all, a most interesting read. Boy, if Nintendo does fall, though, I hope it's at the hands of Sony, not Microsoft.

I'd rather have two separate monopolies (on Windows and on videogames) than just one.
Given a choice, I would rather microsoft win, actually. Sony's near becoming a monopoly not only in video games, but in a lot of electronic stuff (TVs, Discmans, etc), and they even sounded like they wanted to take over PCs from one of their comments on the PS2 (something about not needing your PC and using the PS2 as a substitute or something). Actually, if ideally, I prefer nintendo to win over those 2, but nintendo isn't that successful with the GC right now (GBA is however very successful, from what I hear). One reason why I stick to PC games and old consoles now - none of the 3 current consoles appeal to me....

Of course, part of the reason why I dislike sony so much is because they caused sega's consoles to die (well, sega's partly to blame, but I still don't like sony). And because their electronic equipment, to me, seem to be overpriced and overhyped.

Of course, if it is actually possible, I would prefer sega to win
But that's not possible....for now. In a few years time, who knows?

Oh, and a very interesting article. Kinda sums up why nintendo is in such a sorry state right now.
sure id like to see sega comback and win the console industry

but thats like wishing that wishes were real.

id rather see microsoft win - because i too feel the same way about sony - but i realy cant stand nintendo - could could go on and on about why i dont like nintendo but instead ill just add some article even if they are outdated

but as i said before most of my beef with nintendo was from the 8 bit era oh and original gameboy era

but as a child i couldnt understand (still dont because of my philosophy)-- how can people buy and say an inferior product is better - like with the nes technicaly compared to the sms it sucked also it had many many shity games for it -- [i know now why sms didnt have many arcade ports (but ill get into that later )] - i understand about the price issue but it was always my idea to wait a little longer and save up for the superior better product - do apetities need to be taken care of so quickly (brings to mind the hienz ketchup comersials)

{some may have a problem with this}

taelon if you liked that article theres more to that story i will especialy try to find the actricle i read a while back about what nintendo did to sega back in the 8 bit era

but heres another interesting one i found (here back to the quality thing comparing gameboy and gamegear )

check this out http://thegamingchronicle.com/2000.07.27.htm

sorry if my posts are alover the place my mind races somtimes and i have to sit back for a while and rewrite things but i cant do that now since im at work

ill try to find that other article though -- i hope none of this anoys other people because its old news
I actually would like to see Nintendo over both Microsoft and Sony. I don't like either. I could go on and on about that subject, but I'll spare you all.

Nintendo may not have the best internal practices, but they make quality products -- something I can't totally says for Sony or MS.

I disagree with the author's opinion on the "delayed games". I would much rather have a delayed game than a rushed one. Most games that I buy I keep around for a while. I want it to be polished so it can be enjoyable for years to come. I don't want something right away just to find out that it's overhyped junk. There has been a lot of good potential games out there that just stunk because they were rushed.

I personally see Nintendo eventually becoming like Sega -- being a software-only company. While the Gamecube looks enticing, it will probably be their last console. They don't have the marketing $$$ or know-how of Sony or Microsoft (much like Sega).
ok here is some stuff i was suprised to find but not what i was looking for


these next 2 are funny id like to find this book at a library somewhere




this one has a liitle


this might be too much already!!! ill stop

ok I couldn’t find that article but basically this is what it was Nintendo had this licensing agreement that did not allow companies that made games for the nes to license or make games for any other system i.e. sega. So sega took them to court and after a long time won – but it was too late in the life of the master system. So that’s why there weren’t many arcade ports on the system or other games from other software companies

you know im sure Nintendo had in mind the superiority of the master system

how about comparing double dragon for the 2 systems

racketboy i agree with you about delayed games - i rather have quality and polish too - about the article though --i thought mabey that he was trying to say that it was intentional or that the hype began too early and that flase dates were given

i disagree with on thing you said - microsoft does have quality games - i was actualy very suprised that a bunch under the microsoft label are good ( i thought that i would be avoiding any games under the MS label )- sony makes quality games to --MS is new to this and im sure with with some time and experience they will get much better

on a side note i wonder how sega would fair if they released a handheld system
Originally posted by googlefest1@Nov. 21 2002, 12:51 pm

i disagree with on thing you said - microsoft does have quality games - i was actualy very suprised that a bunch under the microsoft label are good ( i thought that i would be avoiding any games under the MS label )- sony makes quality games to --MS is new to this and im sure with with some time and experience they will get much better

on a side note i wonder how sega would fair if they released a handheld system

Well I meant MS software in general, not just games.

Just curious, what MS nad Sony games are you thinking of that you like? I can't think of any.

Nintendo, on the other hand, is WAY better at game development. The only reason the N64 did remotely well is because of the 1st party support + Rare.

Well, Sega did fare pretty well with the Game Gear, but would probably do a little better if it wasn't a battery hog and was a little cheaper. They'd have to do a pretty good job right now to be able to top a GBA -- man if I travelled more, I would be ALL OVER one of those!
it was a hog because it had a nice back lit screen also it lasted pretty long for me -- the GBA dies quickly with the light attached

I really hate getting blinded by the reflection off the GBA screen when angling trying to get some light on the bottom of the screen

MS games i think blinx was a good idea , Kakuto chojin, project gotham racing, Rallisport Challenge

my sis plays blinx - my favorite out of the others is rallisport but kakuto chojin is real good in my opinion (not perfect - but non the less I really like it

ass for the other games they made i haven’t tried them so I cant tell you - and I will omit any upcoming games by that label that i think will be good -because off course I haven’t played them either
Blinx is a MS game? It does look halfway decent.

Project Gotham is made by the same crew as Metropolis Street Racer for the DC? Did they get bought by MS too?

One good "MS" title, I guess would be Halo -- forgot about that.

At least Sega home grows most of their development teams (AM2, Sonic Team, etc), MS just buys all theirs (Bungie, Rare)
yes i agree MS bought thiers and your right about project gotham - but since it was under the MS label i mentioned it

but thats what MS nedded to do because before the xbox i thought they made the worst games for the PC

MS did "home grow" a coulpe teams i belive - the team that made kakuto chojin and the team that did rallisport and i think blinx is an in house game not bought i have to check

MS is lacking though in types of games though - but im sure it will begin to compare more and more to ps2 (especialy because of the money MS is throwing around)

in my eyes there is a huge difference in the quality of games ms is making now than when it did when it was making games for the pc - boy they smelt like a pile of monkey crap -- they spent some money on hireing talent and learning

i know many like halo but i dont -- i thought that game was gonna kill the xbox - boy was i wrong
Originally posted by googlefest1@Nov. 21 2002, 2:47 pm

they spent some money on hireing talent and learning

yet they are still losing major money on the endevor.

I'm not complaining.
i think they were ready to loose major money

this is probably just a stunt to get their name in to the video gameing picture so that in the future they will do well- xbox will probably be somewhat of a flop and they are realy banking on there next gen system (because thier name has been around for a while by super marketing and in peoples heads)
Originally posted by googlefest1@Nov. 21 2002, 4:29 pm

i think they were ready to loose major money

this is probably just a stunt to get their name in to the video gameing picture so that in the future they will do well- xbox will probably be somewhat of a flop and they are realy banking on there next gen system (because thier name has been around for a while by super marketing and in peoples heads)

that may be true.

But if they want me to buy one, their gonna have to make it smaller (at least thinner) and get rid of the green stuff.
lol it is a Behemoth -- with all the complaints from japan - im sure the next one will be half the size

the size dosent bother me - only how sensitive to heat it is
Just wanted to add that actually, MS isn't new to game development at all. They have a whole department devoted to games and have been churning them out for the PC for years (some more recent releases include Motocross Madness and Midtown Madness, for example, not to mention those battle-mech ones, I forget the name). And seeing that the XBox is really at PC at its core, all they had to do was keep doing the same thing, except now they can optimize their games for one particular platform/configuration, that of the XBox.

I don't really see why you guys think of Sony as a monopoly - I don't see Sony using bullying business practices to the extent that Microsoft is. Their electronics have always been pretty good, and to say that they have a monopoly in walkmen and discmen is downright ridiculous. You can buy any portable CD player you want and not be shortchanged just because it's a non-Sony brand. Certainly, companies are allowed to be massively successful as Sony is with their PS2, there's nothing inherently bad with big advertising etc.

The thing is just that the PS2 has long ago established the "critical mass" that relative newcomers such as the XBox and Gamecube have to step up against.

And Sega of America still primarily did it to themselves, I believe. At least Sega of Japan was much more committed to the Saturn and Dreamcast, and Japanese games are still being made for the DC.

That's why I'd rather see the Gamecube lose out to Sony than to Microsoft (to stay with this particular scenario).
Anyway, the only monopoly Microsoft really has is Windows. Windows runs on damn near anything, and you NEED Windows nowadays or you lose out on a lot. Anyone can make and sell PCs and write apps, but only MS makes Windows.

What this means for game consoles is, they too come with their own mini-OS of course, but that point becomes moot when you consider that the whole idea of game consoles is to offer ONE SINGLE platform and configuration. So you certainly couldn't call Sony a monopoly because they wouldn't release PS2 specs, allow others to build PS2-compatible machines with extra or enhanced features, and make a development environment that allows games to run on all kinds of PS2 clones/configurations.
This is how I see it.

Sony is dominating since they have $$$ and marketing know-how. They don't have the best product, but consumers don't seem to care. Other than the DC, they have, by far the biggest jump on the NextGen market and have a big (bit still much to be desired) game library.

Microsoft has tons of $$$ but they still are lacking in the marketing department. The don't have any experience in the console business and their machine shows it. Console have always been small, relatively simple in design, and cheap to make. The X-Box is none of these things. Console makers have also been traditionally Japanese companies. MS is not, and has not caught on well in the Japanese market -- which is the most important.

Nintendo make quality products, but needs to broaden their horizons. They have done significantly better in reaching out to the older crowd. They are releasing the entire Resident Evil series and are starting to get some good fighters in the mix (Capcom vs SNK and hopefully Soul Calibur 2).
i did say M$ made games for the PC - and that they sucked

sony is good at keeping their bad practices out of the media - thats why you dont see them in a negative way - sony is more cut throwt(i can never get that word right) in many more markets -- M$ is cutthrought in basicaly one market and has had the bad luck of not keeping it from the media - in my opinon sony is worse because thier practices are multiplied by the number of makets they are in - sony makes it difficult for consumers to buy third party products for thier units(what ever it may be) you buy a sony this you HAVE to buy a sony that - thier products are also not of the greatest quality either -- mabey i can find some articles on that

also i very much disagree with you racketboy about ninendo and quality products - nintendo used to be into whoreing out thier stuff with as much crap as they can to milk every penny they can from a salivating consumer and i belive they still wana be that way -- look at the nes they made so much garbage for that thing that either didnt work right or stoped a few months down the road (only thing good in IMO they made was the nes advantage)-- ive seen may design flaws in thier products - yes some are for asthetics and manufacturing but if the product was desinged to withstand time then those choices woulnd of been made -- they were made to break (i know many companies do that but i havent seen it so aparent as in nintendo stuff {{damn i have to go il continue this later if this conversation goes on }}