Old school sega

anyone ever play streetracer(i think that was the name) on the C64? i loved the racing game even though the racing part was incredibly simple, but the whole betting people on races customizing your car replacing it's parts and all the other car features was awsome.
One of my favs that I still love to play is Ghosts and Goblins. Damn that was a hard game. Also still love the old arcade ports of Galaxian, Galaga and Astroids.
Good old time!

Spending so many hours to play Sonic. The Lava Zone was to be one of the hardest to beat.

More time ago I remember of my MSX, some good games from

Sega, Konami and Tecmo. Kings Valley and the Gradius series... Growing up playing this was fun

I remember when I see my father coding in ASM when i was trying to code in Basic... LOL

I remember of one ghostbusters game for MSX, if it's the same of the Commodore then this game is great!


See all later.

Sega Forever!


Extra Hard Mid Boss
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the only code i can remember for the c64 was pressing ghjk at the same time in robocop

What did that do? I remember there were two codes you could enter during the title screen, which enabled you to skip to the second or third load segment. One of them was "disappointed", can't remember the other. (But why do I remember these things at all?!)