Ominous Shenmue news..


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Gameforms is only stating the obvious I guess, but still.. Not having the series completed would be a crying shame to me. Shenmue 2 was so much better than the first, I can't imagine how good they'd be by the time the last game comes (#6 apparently).
that is because stupid people just want to play action games on Xbox... Go get it for DC... Xbox sucks.
Not quite sure who you're talking to, but I imagine most of the members of this board have it on DC, if they have it at all. 'Preaching to the converted' is the phrase that comes to mind.
Well, I've been gone for a while and in my absence it seems we have a new resident retard on board - Jaded God.

So far its actually been pretty good as far as sales has gone. Reviews for the most part has also been great! I also doubt that Microsoft bought this EXCLUSIVE title just to see it die at part 2. It would take a catostrophic sales report to keep part 3 from appearing.

BTW, I've played both versions I can tell you that there isn't really any differences. Aside from better load times, cleaner textures, some neat filters, and the inclusion of Shenmue the Movie, its the same game. For me it was worth buying, even its just for the rock solid frame rate and sharper graphics. There are other subtle differneces such as Ryo and his clothes look WAY better but gameplay-wise it is essentially the same.

If you haven't played it, you owe it to yourself to buy this game! The game is amazing and sublime and it completely improves on everything the first installment tried.
Hey 3rdman, have you beaten it (Xbox version) yet? As for me, I still haven't even finished the first disc of the UK version for the DC that I imported a year ago. Why? I just haven't gotten around to play it ever since I bought it. ???
Yeah I did finish it and it sucked me in just like last year did. If you're stuck from boredom, all I can say is KEEP PLAYING! It gets SO much better...The end of Chapter 3 is one of my favorite gaming experiences EVER!
I remember on the DC that when the game got to about disc 3 (I think) it went from great to simply amazing and didn't let up until the end. Thinking about it makes me want to play it again.. Need a spare week or so