One Kick Ass VG Music Video!

Just watched it. Its very simple, but the music fits well, and it realy shows how wonderfuly fluid the characters movements are. Bravo
Thanks, I had fun making it. I am still trying to improve it, i wasnt expecting my friend to post it but im glad he did. So dont consider it a finished product.

If you guys are interested, i will be making more videos, i will post them your way if you like.

just let me know.


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Great video and great choice of music. One improvement I can think of is to compress the audio instead of using 16-bit 32 kHz stereo PCM audio which alone took up 36 MB (i.e., 53%) of the 68.1 MB total file size.

Using VirtualDub, you can compress the audio (while keeping the video component unchanged) and shrink the total file size down as follows:

192 kBit/s, 32 kHz, Stereo MP3 --> 39.0 MB total file size

160 kBit/s, 32 kHz, Stereo MP3 --> 37.8 MB total file size

128 kBit/s, 32 kHz, Stereo MP3 --> 36.7 MB total file size