Online still?


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Is the dreamcast version still playable online? Do you have to pay?

I'm also still interested in playing online, but Since the Gamecube is receiving PSO and I got one for free and seeing as the system is still alive, I may pick it up for the GCN, anyone played this version? if so is it any good?
Last I heard you could still play the DC version online. Some of the servers were closed, and there's not many people left, but at least most of the cheaters are gone too. You have to buy a hunter's license, unless you're in Europe (where some legalities prevented Sega from charging. I don't know if an imported copy would allow you to play for free, though.)
I still play Phantasy Online for Dreamcast to this very date. (No way I'm a paying monthly fees!). There is always about 60 people. And the US and Europe servers are still online, though does anyone know what happened to the Japanese servers? And I've yet to experience lag, and with some common sense, hackers don't become a problem.

know as thewasp31 on DC PSO
I think it cause Sega used to make there money from a joint deal with British Telecom for putting the Dreamcast Online. Naturally you always had to use BT (and pay a friggen penny a minute), so Sega-Europe never dare release this hunters liecence. But now because of the release of Dreamkey Version 3, us Brits can use any ISP we want, however it was also too late to introduce hunter liecences, so it's a 100% free!

If my info is a little inaccurate fell free to correct me. But it is free, Just thats my idea on how it came to be
Oh yeah, I kinda noticed something odd. The Japanese servers are still on
Just if you goto the European Ship, you cannot go directly to the Japanese ship, you have to take a wee trip past the American Ship.

Sorry If I mislead anyone