Originals + CDR's won't authenticate.

Cecilia Chen

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I just installed a Mod board and for some reason it won't read Originals or CDR's. Everything seems to be connected fine, and when it loads up it goes to the CD Screen and says the disk is a Music CD.

The odd thing is that the cubes are not flashing red, and the drive plays music tracks. Just for some reason, the drive isn't even going out to check the protection anymore.

Any help would be appreciated.

yes I have the 2 wire mod. The timing wire goes on the 3rd pin right? Well, on MODWORLD they say 3rd pin, but the picture shows the wrong one being used. 3rd pin starting from the small corner dot?

First off, thank you for saying modboard, I'm so sick of reading modchip all the time. We're not talking PSX dammit! :)

I hate to ask this, but are you sure it's installed properly? Sometimes the smallest mistake in ribbon cable seating can cause a problem. Another thing you might check... when I got my first modboard from HK, the board was setup for a diff Sat type than mine. I had to de-solder two points that were connected, and then solder the center point to another. Something like a 014 vs 019 setup. I don't really remember exactly, but my Sat's symptoms were indentical to yours intially. I still have a scan of the board area if you want it.

Now I have a little question for you... what area of the USA do you live in? I remember you saying you were gonna buy the mod from your local Chinatown, but you never said where. I have many Chinese friends so if you're near me... I could get one of them to help me deal with the store [I'm used to Chinese stores not trusting non-Chinese customers - being a big, scary looking white guy who loves Hong Kong cinema]. :) I'd love to find an easy source for some dope HK silvers.

Good luck if my suggestions don't help, or even if they do. ;)

Uh, thanks for your reply, but I asked what pin the timer wire goes to. Pin 3, starting from the small dot in the corner of the iC? the diagrams I have are conflicting. The say pin 3, but they do it the wrong direction.

Also some addition information is that my saturn is White, model number HST-3220

If your wondering what instructions im following im using the pages at MOD WORLD found via playthegames.com's web site. Even though I think I did everything correctly, it still doesn't work. I even tryed shorting the board into the other "mode" for diffrent models, and it still doesn't work. I have a funny feeling that the timing wire does have to go on real pin 3. The diagrams they have show it on the other end, but from what I know of electronics, I think it starts from the small circle to the left (marked in the circle as 1) and goes around. Im pretty sure thats right, but their text instructions contredect the picture.

I tryed doing it exactly like they did, and got the results in my first message, and when I changed the settings on the psudo mode switch, re-connected the wire again to make sure it was connected, checked the ribbon cable, it still dosn't seem to like it. But Im pretty sure it must be the timing cable since audio CDs play, its just not getting any authentication codes since the timing wire is not working!?

Im pretty anoyed/upset since this is a gift and the more changes I keep doing the worse the board is just going to get. I would hate to have to buy another 21 pin Saturn just to steal the CD-ROM off it.

Anyways, I appreciate any extra help people can lend me. Im trying to be as discriptive as possibe so peopel arn't guessing in vain about my possible problem, but if I missed something, please ask, and I will try to clarify it.

Thanks, I really appreciate it.


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I used those Mega listed once. They worked fine for me too.

CC - You're a fairly rude person - I started writing just after your post, not after your second - nevertheless, I still wanna try and help. Are you sure nothing is making contact with anything it shouldn't? The two wire I have I got from a guy who was sure it was bad, but some of the pins were simply bent and touching. I straightened them all out, followed the instructions, and it was fine and still is.
What the heck? You posted your message after her so you should have been able to read what she wanted help with. All you did was side step the question, added your general comments that almost everyone does when it comes to mod tips, and then went on your own tangent about how it would be cool to find out where she lives cuz you can get her or some other chinese friends to get HK Silvers for you.

Yumcha0110: so, you expect everyone to monitor the thread while writing a reply? Keep in mind that the time posted reflects when the message is *posted*, not when the person starts writing it. If the person writing the reply has some kind of distraction after starting it, it can easily be 15 minutes or more between when the person starts writing the reply and when it actually gets posted. Furthermore, browser cache issues could keep very recent posts from showing up, and the "new post" indicators on IkonBoard are pretty much useless in such a short timespan.
Thanx ExCyber - you totally rock. I was checking my ZipDisk archives to make sure I still had the pic I mentioned.

Yumcha0110 - get your head out of your ass. I have Chinese friends, don't need more right now, don't want any like her. By the way, it's "WTF" - as in WHAT THE FUCK IS UP YOUR PANSY ASS? Oh wait, I forgot... it's your fucking pin sized head.

Everyone else - sorry for the outburst. I don't suffer fools gladly.

Mo Threat, don't pay any attention to that weirdoes comments. I'm sorry if you misunderstood my words. I meant it in a friendly sarcastic way and I had no intention to be rude. Im grateful for any help people can provide, but if you still feel this way, you have my sincerest apologies. I'l be sure to emphasize my sarcasm with a big smiley next time so there is no mistake.

I'm sorry too. I thought about what I said about you, and figured you were probably just frustrated with your problem, and I overreacted.

I've been going off a bit too much lately. I really don't want this beautiful place that IceMan2K created for all of us to become like other boards.

My truest apologies to almost everyone [but not everyone], but esp to you CC, and to IceMan2K. I'll try to keep my rage at bay in the future.

Thanks a bunch, I really appreciate it. About your board scans, would you mind posting them for everyone to see? Maybe if people saw a finished working board installed (Wires connected) they will be less confused.

Quote: from Mo Threat on 1:51 pm on Nov. 26, 2001

I've been going off a bit too much lately. I really don't want this beautiful place that IceMan2K created for all of us to become like other boards.

what do you mean become like other boards (sorry, this is the only board that I've signed up for, and posted a lot. Most boards I just sign up, make a few posts, then leave). Please explain.
Most message boards are filled with flames, rants, and other unpleasantness. SX is very rarely like that.

Cec - The images I have are for the one wire type of mod [the first type I acquired]. They don't seem to be around much these days. The link that Mega gave covers the same topic, but for the [presently] more common two wire type of modboards.
read into thaat the cheaper mod to produce, since it needs the second wire for the clock signal, the old mods (1 wire) have their own crystal, and thusly are easier to install (at a pinch you dont even need to solder them, since the +5v wire will push into the psu connector)

btw, anyone reading this thread and thinking of buying a mod from consoleking/videogamecompany because they say they have 20 pin ones, dont, they only have 21 pin ones with the 2 wires
I remember seeing some pics (as well as discussing this in another thread that I'm too lazy to go looking for right now) that suggest that the two-wire boards are actually just one-wire boards with a few components not installed (8-point-something MHz crystal, 74HC04, and a 100uF capacitor as I recall). Does anyone know if it's possible to add these components (which shouldn't cost more than about $5 even if you're getting them someplace overpriced) to make it work without the clock wire? I can't think of any reason that it wouldn't based on the pics I've seen, but pics alone only carry so much info about the layout...
I'm actually considering adding components to a modboard. My brother's Saturn is going all flakey and I can't find a new 'easy' model 2 to replace it. By making it one wire I hope to be able to mod a '64 pin' saturn easily.

They're #### small legs on those chips and I've rooted one already...