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In out of this world, (great game for genesis) after i get out of the water, past the leeches and to the end that lion thing comes out and kills me. I cant run away, i can't attack and i can't duck. what do i do!?
You run away (killing all the nasty claw blob things before you need to run really helps out; you need to hold a button to actually run, btw). Then you play Tarzan (the jump button is your friend). Then you run away again in the other direction. Then you run into an evil alien. Then you say hello. Then you get shot.

It really does work if you do it right. Seriously. :biggrin:
I remember spending so many hours on that game and Flashback.. I don't know if I'd have the patience now, they are SO frustrating. Nice character animation though
yeah man those things were fuckin' awsome for 16 bit. His ferarri looked like a hunk of crap though. BTW... i was just reading that there was one for the SNES but it had a different story line and beginning. It... the professor (who the #### is he?) appears in like a time capsule or something and he has to sneak into the lab or something... then another outlaw helps him escape or some weird shit. that true?
That's not the storyline to the SNES version (nor the PC version), but it's been ported to something like 10 different systems, so maybe it was another port (insert cheesy joke based on original title here).

edit: actually, that sounds vaguely like the storyline, but it gets significant chunks wrong. Sounds kinda like someone didn't watch the opening cinema and thus doesn't realize that the "capsule" Lester (that's the guy's name, BTW) emerges from is, in fact, his desk (and his chair, and a hunk of the floor). Anyway, the "other guy helping you escape" part is accurate. Bah... I need to get some sleep.

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No no.. i see that when the exparament goes wrong it takes his desk and a piece of the floor and him with it, but what i am saying is instead of arriving in a ferrari, he arrives in a time capsule to the office. or lab or whatever. Also, there is a guy getting exparamented on with his guts all hangin' out. and what systems was it ported to other than snes and pc?
Sega CD, 3DO, Amiga, Macintosh, Atari ST (I think). I've seen a couple passing references to Another World for C64, but I have my doubts on that one.
Yeah I had it on the Atari ST. I love that machine, think I might go get it out of the attic. There was Fade To Black on PSX in the series too, that was alright. Wonder if there'll be any more?
Play the PC version to play extra difficult. And try this code (if I remember well): JHJL. It takes you to infinity and beyond...
Out Of This World was definitely tough; I love that game. Has anyone here beat Heart Of The Alien yet? That game is insane too!
HOTA is MUCH tougher than OOTW... OOTW was so easy I played it 20 times before returning it to the rental store...just j/k. :0
Here you can download Another World for PC:


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