Outputting to a vga monitor

I was wondering if there is any way to output to a VGA monitor from the Saturn, I have a VGA box for my Dreamcast, and it'd be nice to have them both set up that way. Anyone know if it's possible to do this without having a PC in the middle?
you could possibly modify a psx/ps2/GC vga box to work with saturn, but the quality would still only be AV or s-video, nothing close to VGA quality.
What would I have to do? Do you think looking up the pins of the a/v cord and connecting it to a DC VGA box's cord would work?
nope. the DC already outputs a VGA signal, the Saturn doesn't.

you'd have to open up the ps2/GC vga box and find the right pins to hook up the AV signal.
Damn, too complicated for me, heh. Maybe I'll get a cheap tv tuner card and put it in an old 486 or something and use that.
IIRC, Saturn really isn't much different than Dreamcast in the VGA support department - i.e. you need to have the appropriate cable to get the signals into a VGA monitor, and the game needs to set up the video processor/RAMDAC to generate a VGA signal. I'm not aware of any Saturn games that do this, and presumably the big difference between Saturn and DC in this regard is that Dreamcast actually allows detecting what kind of cable is attached (speaking of which, I need to find a way to put a VGA/RGB switch on my VGA cable...). Without being able to do that, there's really no way to negotiate an appropriate signal since TVs can't generally display at VGA scan rates, and VGA monitors generally can't display at TV scan rates. There are exceptions to this, of course, but not enough for it to really be that useful.
I just went and looked around on some sites and they sell multi-console vga boxes that convert any video signal to vga and display it on a monitor, but it isn't vga quality like with a dc vga box. Maybe I'll get one next time I have some cash to spend.
the closest you can get is useing the micromsoft XRGB-2+ and an scart cable. but this thing is really expensive (over $200 though) your best bet is an OLD monitor (some color commadore monitors work apparently) The best bet for any of this kind of stuff is at Game Station X