I recently bought i jap saturn, i was unable to use it on my old 50Hz PAL TV because when i used the composite video leads, the picture just rolled. However managed to get it to work in Black and White when i used a RF box from my PAL saturn into the same TV.

Can someone else please verify this so i know that it just isnt a fluke.

I used an official PAL RF box with the slider set to "1" not "0" pluged into a 50Hz only TV from a white NTSC Saturn.

If this does work, i would like to figure a way to pallete shift a PAL RF box so it could be in colour.

Thanks again.
It's nothing to do with your RF unit, it's just what happens when you run NTSC on a PAL television. What you need to buy is a NTSC-to-PAL converter. Many online video game shops sell these.
You dont understand what im trying to point out. I tried using the composite video inout into the tv, but it rolled continously in B+W. When i used my PAL RF box it stopped the roling ie trhe 60Hz Frequency was re-transmitted as a 50Hz one. My pal TV only supports 50Hz so that is why i was curious. Could someone else please verify this so i know that it isnt just my tv
You don't understand what I'm trying to explain (or I'm not explaining it very well). For what ever reason, the RF modulator fixed the issue of the 50/60Htz incompatabilities - causing the rolling image - however this is only half of the problem. Beside operating at a different frequency, an NTSC signal also encodes color information in a different way to a PAL signal. The two formats are not compatible, so the picture displays in B&W.

To fix this, you need the NTSC-to-PAL converter mentioned above.
its your tv it wont accept 60 hz frequency without rolling no cure for that dude other than buy a new tv

or maybe adjust the horizontal / vertical inside your tv

ull find them all tvs have them.

but i doubt that will help its really down to your tv not able to accept 60 hz so it must be a rather old tv in which case it dont have a scart socket on it.if this is the case then get a new tv .save yourself messing about .