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Ok my girlfriend wants to buy me one of those home theater systems for my bday. After searching around i found that panasonic SC-HT700 to be a pretty good value. The only problem is that on the best buy site it lists Dolby Pro Logic II as one of the features but at Cirucuit city (where its currently on sale) it says it doesnt have that. Does anyone know which one is actually correct?

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Also if anyone has any suggestions for a better system for around the same price ($349) let me know.


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What a coincidence! I purchased the same system about a week back! Good unit so far. The sound is nice and it has alot of features. It does have Pro Logic II.
i thought it didn't i was going to buy it but then went with another model because on the panasonic site it shows it as only having prologic and not prologic 2 i think i'm thinking of the same system sounds like it also when i was testing it in best buy it only said prologic and not prologic 2 when playing my cds
Haha thats cool, i was hoping someone would have some first hand experience with it. For the price it looks like an awesome system. The only thing holding my back on the decision was the Dolby Pro Logic II.


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no video inputs?

I'd get one that you can hook your systems up to

It's so much better playing games on better-than-TV speakers
Well since the system does nothing to improve video quality that lack of video inputs to me is just a slight inconvience because you hafta hook up the video directly to the tv and the audio into the one of those 3 audio in jacks.