panzer dragon saga


i copied the first cd of the game

i do the swap trick and then i see the intro of the game, but when the intro overs the menu of the saturn appears and says it can't recognize the disc.

do you know why this happens?
Ok let me just get this straight. When the intro ends, the menu of the saturn appears with all the cd playerr stuff, and it says it can't recognize the disc. Well This is strange, But Let me just list some things that could/may have an influence. For one, maybe the burned disc is not correct, causing an error. Did you try swapping with a different game, or if you copied the original, did you try swapping it with the original to see what happens? If you do have the original, is it really scratched, or are there any problems u have when running the game?

Good Luck
You're not doing the method were you leave the original in and then switch in game disc after it reads the security ring, are you? That could mess it up too.
This has happened to me before...You're missing one or both of the audio files in your cue list. a proper PDS cue sheet should list 3 objects.