Panzer dragoon orta

The official website of Panzer Dragoon has officially launched! You can check it out at

Right now it only got some KILLER screenshots but I' sure that soon there'll be a downloadable movie. Enjoy...the media at E3 are already calling this game the most beautiful game on the show floor. Check it out!

You can watch gameplay footage from viewing the Microsoft E3 press conference available at

Just amazing!
me want x-box
This game rocks!

I played it today at E3... I snagged a Panzer Dragoon Pin too... The game has the same gameplay of the originals. The graphics and video was very nice.... This game makes me want to buy an xbox now.

I might try to get some video footage of the game on my camcorder...

Originally posted by whitesnake@May 30 2002,17:10

it will be on the pc easily.

If Smilebit release a self-booting version of it, using a custom OS (so you turn the PC, pop it in, and it boots a propietary OS, just for the game, no windowze) for it, yeah, a PC will handle it.

But with the Windowze programming architecture, a game will NEVER get to use 30%+ of the total system power.

PS. the 30% thing was a rough especulation.