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Pier Solar set a high bar in the scene. This, both technically and in terms of branding seems to have set the bar even higher.
finally some news from watermelon :

Yes, we are running. But not running away. 3 news coming :

1. We received your money one month ago. Took some extra painful time

2. We are very busy at manufacturing the game. Over 50 factories are involved and every single part are getting stacked in our warehouse for final assembly!

3. Game will be back on preorder very shortly, everyone will get notified by email when so.

As reminder, anyone not willing to wait and asking for refund will be refunded. Just be a little bit patient because our costumer support is quite overloaded with questions lately and paypal is major trouble to work with, we are switching to another service shortly. Thank you.

To investors, this is major update of great importance: Fonzie picked the "Armageddong" thing today. He said he would personally test every single pieces!

some video ingame during the event, the gfx looks really good but it's quite empty, hard to conclude.
the game had to be complete, so it should be a wip version maybe even without the custom chip.