PAR+ ?

Well, I've been using a Pro Action Replay +: and so far out of my import collection ( a whole 15... ) only one game [O-Chan's Oekaki Logic] crashes from using it... after any given puzzle in the game the screen goes blank, so far I've had NO problems at all with any other games... should I get my system modded and just use the PAR+ for the storange space?
A modboard is worth considering if you have a 21 pin Saturn.

That way you could rip the import CDs you have, change the country code of the image using Satconv (DOS or Win32), reburn and have the modboard boot them. That way your import CDs can be kept safe while you play on CDRs. I make back ups of all my games. :

On the other hand region switches are an option too, but far too fiddly in my opinion.