Ok, I just signed up for a PayPal account, yet to add funds, I have to have a bank account. Is there any way I can just send them a money order and have that upped to my account? Also, am I allowed to collect money for things I sell? If so, will I be able to use the money I collect to buy things online? I'm sorry for asking this here, but the people here seem to be more reliable than all the info pages at PayPal. It's really confusing. If someone can please explain it to me so I can understand, that would be really helpful and I would definitely appreciate it. Thanks!
it's immposible to validate a paypal acct. without a credit card anyway so they're basically useless if you have no credit

most ebay dealers accept or even prefer paymetn by money order but for online stores yer gonna need to find a relative or a close friend with a c.c. and have them get it for you

life's a bitch like that i've never had any credit problems and i'm comfortably above the poverty line and if i wanna get a c.c. i'm still gonna have to basically purchase a secured one
I remember when I first signed up for paypal they had a way of validation by them snail mailing a document to you home and you filling it out and returning it. Not sure if they still offer that approach. You best bet is to open a bank account that gives you a free check card.
Yeah but...I'm just an 18 year old without a job (hehe). I just want a way to be able to send money fast online so I don't have to wait ages for something to be shipped. I just wish I could send in money like by money order or cash even... No...I never edited this post! How could you accuse me of such things!?
You have to be 18 to open a PayPal account anyway. Same as opening your own bank account. Unless you are over 18, you have to have a parent on the account with you. If you have opened a PayPal account in your name are are only 17, you have committed fraud.
pay pal can't actually handle money as in store it since they aren't a bank so thats why they can only transfer it to ppl from bank account or credit card.
Originally posted by ExeterIsLame@July 21 2002, 9:33 am

Paypal IS a bank... they a tied to what used to be which was a FDIC insured bank.

eh, technically they're not. they're having a lot of problems (and eBay's inherited them) regarding state laws in what constitutes a bank. PayPal doesn't operate as a bank nor do they want to, but the services they offer facilitate their need to be a bank. i haven't a clue about the laws, technicalities, and logistics involved with it, but by the letter of the law, they're not a bank...they just play one on the web.
...and for anyone looking to use PayPal as a money storage for future online purchases, i highly recommend that you don't. so get a bank account and transfer funds back and forth instead of sitting on cash. it doesn't cost you anything to do electronic transfers and it might save your funds from being locked or stolen.
Sorry Bug I guess you are right at the time being... when closed thier doors there was a series of emails that PayPal users recieved talking about future bank offerings... but that never has really happened.