PC game similar to Tom Cat Alley

Are there any PC games currently in the market that is similar to Tom Cat Alley? The same fast paced fighter plane kind of action.

"Fast paced" like Tom Cat Alley?

I certainly hope not haha

Actually, I think Tom Cat Alley's gameplay is kinda unique... probably why I actually was one of the few who bought it.

But the gameplay isn't fast paced as fighter pilot games should be.
From what I loosely recall from playing it eons ago... and haven't touched it since. I like the gameplay esp the aiming part. It's not just mindless shooting all over the place and pray you hit something

JCTango, do you know of any PC games that is similar to it? Not many pple seem to have played this game before. I didn't think anyone would reply
no, i'm sorry celtic.

No idea of any pc games like tomcat alley....

Although i too found the gameplay of the original game quite fun!

for about a few minutes! lol
thanks JC. argh. that's too bad then.

well are there any good fighter plane kinda pc games around?

i find the simulator ones pretty slow moving and boring.

you can play Battlefield 1942...

it's not a full fledged Plane shooter game, but it does have Planes, Infantry, Navy, Artillery, and Tanks...

It's very fun...