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I was using the instruction at the ign site and here's what they say:

Obtaining the Light Wing Dragon

To obtain the Light Wing Dragon (Laser Level 6), you must first free the infant dragon from the Shellcoof Genesis Chamber after mutating to the Eye Wing Dragon (Laser Level 4). Let the story progress until your dragon reaches Laser Level 5 (somewhere near the end of disc 4) and return to the map location, Above the Ruins. Fly your dragon down the left branch of the canyon until you reach the roosting birds and wait until the infant dragon flies off the top of the screen.

Fly on a little farther (about 5 seconds or so), and turn around and fly back until you can target the infant dragon. Upon accessing the infant dragon, you will chase him, and the birds around the canyon a couple of times until the birds enter a small, secret cave. Enter the cave to reveal the birds' nest. One of the pyramids in the nest area contains the mutation up to the Light Wing Dragon.

Now you can access the crashed ship in the desert area and get a new Special Class berserker spell, as well as replace the Dragon Crest in the Red Ruins to change into the Solo Wing Dragon. Warning: once the Solo Wing Dragon is obtained, you will no longer have access to the infant dragon. So fly around a bit in the other map areas to get the hidden items he helps you find, beforehand.

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The problem I'm having is whenever I am able to target and access the baby dragon, the only thing that happens is that the baby dragon just gives me some random item. Is there something else that I need to be doing or should have been done? Also I'm assuming the guy meant that 'Above the Ruins' is the same as 'Above the excavation site'

Also: what does getting all of the D unit's do?
you NEED all d-units to become the light wing.

to get the one mentioned there, you have to fly to the very beginning of the ruins where you started, fly to the seperating path, take the left one, and just shoot at the birds.
... and then you fly into a canyon. I swear, of all the weird places to put a D-unit...! But anyway, before you go and get the Solo Wing, let me warn you: It's not that awesome... the Light Wing is better.