A week from now i will not be posting any messages on here so peace.

(ya i know what all the bashers are going to say and it's probably all going to be true)

hey cin i think you posted in the wrong post i think you were looking for the please stop using gay in a negative mannor thread. if not what ever have a gay old time posting.
Maybe so.. or maybe not.

So, why are you leaving us jim?

Everyone (well, a couple) thought I had left.. but in reality I was taking care of family stuff (and exploring the gay lifestyle).
Sorry to see you go, jim. But as the way things stand, I wouldn't blame you.

The boards have taken quite a step back in terms of maturity - it's getting to be a bit much to 'enjoy' the community.

But whatever your reasons, good luck in all your future endeavors.
Jim 993,

Well whatever reason you are leaving, I hope you can come back to us again sometime in the future.

Sorry I didn't get to know you earlier...

I don't blame you Jim, I've lost a lot of respect for some people here, not like they'll care. You should stay though, you always seemed pretty cool.