Phantasy Star Online bought used

Does anybody know where I can get a new key/serial combination so I can play this game? I bought it used and the key that came with it is probably on another person's Dreamcast for use which doesn't allow me to play the game. Maybe I can get one from Sega, but where do I go? Thanks in advance.


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i don't think you could get extra serials -- that's sort of the point

I'm not sure how the system works, though.

Have you tried googleing?
I don't plan on going online since it most likely won't work. I just wanted to see what the game was like. I bought it for 3 bucks.


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oh if you don't go online, it doesn't really matter?

I was wondering about that.

So how is the game offline?
its fun till youve completed it a few times

it kinda lacks any variety offline, and gets highly repetive

something to note (if you got the game used with a serial number) is that you can use any serial on any number of dc's, but your only able to go online with that serial on one dc (the first one you used online)

im not sure the servers still work for the dc version anyway, but offline any valid serial will work (its also case sensitive btw)