Phantasy Star Universe Set for PSP


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US, December 7, 2007 - It seems as though someone at Sega has taken note of the fact that the top two PSP games in Japan are Monster Hunter Portable and its sequel. This week's Famitsu contains first word on a PSP version of that other game where you team up with multiple players and head out on quests.

Sega will be bringing Phantasy Star Universe to the PSP, the magazine reports. Titled Phantasy Star Portable (PSP for short), the game is based off PSU but includes the new elements and bosses from the recently released Ambition of Illuminus expansion along with a new story and a few new characters.

On top of the story mode, the game will, of course, include multiplayer support. Like Monster Hunter, up to four players will be able to team up for quests. Multiplayer functionality will be ad-hoc, meaning you'll have to be in the vicinity of your fellow players in order to play together.

Developed by Alfa System, PSP for the PSP will be released to Japan in 2008.


Personally I prefer the none-online Phantasy Star games from the 8/16bit days so i can't say i'm excited but i'm sure theres somebody out there that is:)