'Phantom' menace


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'Phantom' menace

I assume you guys all remember the aptly named 'Phantom' console that briefly made headlines a while back. Well it appears that it isn't all just smoke and mirrors - a few new technical details have emerged and it doesn't sound too great, IMO. If you can be bothered clicking the link, it basically appears that it is going to be a WindowsXP-PC-in-a-box console system, no CD and an ethernet connection. The idea is that you will pay to download the games for it.

It also seems to feature a whole bunch of DRM features which will undoubtably be unpopular and easliy broken. The system is expected to be based on a 2Ghz processor, and expected retail about $400 (US, I presume). Meh...I'd rather spend the money on parts myself. :rolleyes:

'Phantom' menace

Man, i think that is a poor concept. It wont do well at all. It is way to much like a pc with out the other cool stuff you can do on it. And downloading games instead of buying them seperate shouldn't catch on. What if you want to go to a friends house, i guess you can't bring your games with you.