PhotoCD for 3DO

Hi all

I'm tired to try make PhotoCDs for 3DO, I can't do it!

Somebody know how?

It's easy? legal? What softwares I'll need?

We don't have Kodak support here in Brazil, off course Kodak never brought to Brazil this tecnology...

I never see one Real PhotoCD and a real PhotoCD player.

Can somebody help me?

see ya! and thx!
you need the photo cd software from kodak, thats why, im sure that conventional burning software doesnt support the format because of licensing fees rquired by kodak

over here (england) you can just get the photos put onto a cd when you goto the develepors ti print the things, ive never seen them produced another way
Agora, vc já pode fazer upload no meu FTP SERVER

Já estará disponivel para downloads, só estou esperando o pessoal terminar os uploads, ainda não tem muito, mas se cada um ajudar um pouco terá!!!, on port 21

USER- 3do

PASS- 3do

Isto não é um zero é um Ô..