Pitfall The Mayan Adventure

hi all,

years ago, my brother had a Sega CD, and he was currently playing Pitfall the mayan adventure, i fell in love with this game, the sound effects caught my attention, well the cd got scratch along the way, i rented it for genesis hoping it would be the same, but the music and effects sucked, so no luck, ive looked for the game everywhere, and they dont have it, i dont know if blockbuster still has the game available for rent

i was wondering if there was a soundtrack available, i know i can remember putting the game in the stereo ( or hopped up the sega cd to it somehow, cant remember ) and just listening to the music, it was great

is there a soundtrack available for sale somewhere in any store?

or mp3s available?
IIRC that was one of the Sega CD soundtracks in the past.

Maybe if you ask Iceman nicely it may reappear.

anyhow i managed to get a copy from the game on ISO format,

and ripped the "soundtrack",

by the way, was an OFFICIAL soundtrack released for it?

or is the soundtrack in the game, being that you can hear the music ( 22 tracks if you dont count the first silent one )

ok, well back to listening to it