Planet Harriers


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I read on Gamespot a while ago that Sega was developing this sort-of sequel to Space Harrier fro the arcades, it looked RREEAALL nice. But that's all I've heard about it. Anyone got any info?
OK I just saw that it's gonna be out on Gamecube. I WANT IT. But I don't want a Gamecube. Bah!
Yea, I said the same thing to myself when I saw that Metroid IV is supposedly coming out for the GBA per Gamespot, but all Nintendo is advertising for is Metroid Prime for the Gamecube. Arrggghh! I have no intention of investing in a Gamecube.
Metroid is a whole other issue too. How can they turn it into a first-person shooter? It's blasphemy. Maybe they want to make a competitor for Halo or something, the Halo dude is well ripped from Samus as well. BAH! again
miyamoto keeps claiming that its coming allong well, but theres absoulely no way to do the things that made the metriod series great in the first place
This is exactly the sort of thing that got me wanting to get into making games, imagine how amazing 2d games could be with the systems we have today if people used their imaginations a bit rather than just doing 3d for 3d's sake with no decent gameplay. You get the occasional 2d shooter now but that's pretty much it. Everyone seems so preoccupied with making games seem real that they forget that in the end, they are GAMES!
Amen!! The whole realism thing is what not to pursue; just look at Dracula X for Saturn & PSX as well as games like Metal Slug from SNK! They are anything but realistic, but they are the reason why 2-D is still king even in today's 3-D market!
That I can think of, the only 3d contenders are Mario 64, Zelda Ocarina and Starfox. At least in the sort-or classic genres. Oh and Jak and Daxter is pretty good too, that's how to keep a game strictly old school in style but use technology to it's advantage. No loading times in these humongous worlds!
Planet Harriers was released in arcades...I remember playing it at an Asian arcade by my house. It's pretty good...holds FAIRLY true to the series' roots. The trigger button hurts your hand after a while. I liked it, it was very well done and for some reason I remember the music being very good.

Gamecube? This will be Nintendo's shall see...