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I found a way to get ripped audio cd's to work in the box, simply put in your disc, then go to the music menu and play the audio cd right off the bat. then you can copy it to the hard drive. worked 3 time sfor me already. now I have good music mixes to play in tony hawk 3!

Try it and tell me if you get the same result.

i'll check my xbox specs later on in the night to see if its also a matter of what hardware that you have in your box


some xboxes will take certain cdrs, another xbox with the very same drive model will not. there is NO way to simply trick it into playing them.

haha people actually buy xboxes, hehe. thats 99 sounds like a good price for an xbox.....they should just call it box o crap. hehehehe Play some Vice City, and dump the X thing.

ditto totally!

OR get a Box, mod it, use it for ALL your oldschool needs! It can even do N64 pretty damn anything from 64 down (minus sat and psx) u can play on it. That's why I bought it, and for games like the DOA games, Panzer, Halo is pretty cool. Other than that, it sux. If u arennna mod and tinker with it, then dont buy one. If u just wanna play games that are origional and fun, get a cube. If u are one of those ppl who buys every THPS game, then get a PS2. I would recommend a GCN for almost anyone.....

WOW, I can do all that even better on my P4, so Xbox is not needed. Plus Im getting tired of Emulation alltogether...
But that would be a plus to any system like you said of coarse, but the PS2 has titles that Xbox will never see, and they are really great games....what does PS2 get: well, Street Fighter EX3, Tekken 4, Virtua Fighter 4, Ridge Racer V, Gran Turismo 3, Gradius III and IV, Shinobi, GTA III, GTA Vice City, G-Savior, Twisted Metal Black, Final Fantasy X, Socom, Medal of Honor, The Thing, State of Emergency, Contra Shattered Soldier, Bloodrayne, Tribes Online, plus many more nice titles, one crap ass PS2 title to NOT get is Britny Spears shit (unless you like her garbage), other than that its pretty good selection, Xbox now, hmmm lets see here...Ummm, uhhh... Blinx and um uhhh lets see here... and Halo!!
and umm Buffy the Vampire slayer! ummm yeah right, in some other life I might want one of those Xbox ONLY games, hehehe....thank GOD they are on Xbox only!
the Xbox is simply better hardware, but its games suck!! and who in the world honestly likes the Xbox control pads!? It takes the hands of a gigantic 10 foot tall muntant mongaloid with HUGE hands to enjoy something like that man!! sheech...

ok, cool, I didnt say all of them are ps2 only, I just was naming games off of the top of my head, in fact the thing might be on xbox as well, but I wouldnt bet on it.....the Majority of them are PS2 only and beat out ALL Xbox games by FAR!
They really do, Microsoft allready knows Sony is winning hardcore! Oh and lets not forget you can play ALL PSone games on the PS2 with smoother textures and faster loading making it even better, plus with a few tiny chips you can de-macro your dvd playback, and even play cdrs and dvdrs in it easily, so with my collection of over 400 psx titles and like 130 ps2 titles I got well over 500 games on my PS2 system to play, Xbox has way less to play. PS2 is simply the right choice of system, plus its easy to program games on! and please dont call me a sony fan, Im not, I hate all sony tv sets , camcorders, all sony pagers, etc....the only thing Sony I like is the PSone and PS2, they are good systems I will admit that. But thats it, Sony sucks in all other ares IMO. I go for Pioneer stuff in the other areas like TVs, LD, DVD, Stereo, etc...

What about the other games out on Xbox, like DOA 3, Oddworld, Sega GT, Outlaw Golf, House of the Dead 3, Splinter Cell, Jet Set Radio Future, Moto GP, Shenmue 2, Whacked, Quantum Redshift, Marrowind, Project Gotham Racing, MechAssault, Steel Battalion, Toe Jam & Earl 3, Unreal Championship and The Thing, Medal of Honor, plus future games in the works like Ninja Gaiden, DOA XBV, Panzer Dragoon Orta, Doom 3, Kung Fu Chaos, Halo 2.

You guys... I don't get why you hate the xbox so much. I think it's because it's the "cool" thing to do. Believe it or not, a lot of people LIKE the xbox. Yeah microsoft makes it... so? What os are you using? Most likely windows, correct? Well if you hate microsoft so much why don't you switch to linux and use it ALL THE TIME?

Xbox is a powerful, promising system with great homebrew and commercial software alike. I don't see why you guys can't stop ragging on it long enough to friggen give it a chance.

What about the other games out on Xbox, like

DOA 3 (Cool, I like the DOA games),

Oddworld (Better on the PC, not great game anyways),

Sega GT (Got it on the DC, no need for another),

Outlaw Golf (Ive got 5 great golf games or more on the PS2, next..),

House of the Dead 3 (Vampire Night and Time Crisis 2 on PS2 are better.),

Splinter Cell (I would actually need to see this game, never seen it),

Jet Set Radio Future (Oh god another JS game? Yuck ,,

Moto GP (Betton on the PC, and I got Moto GP 2 on PS2 next...),

Shenmue 2 (I have this on my DC for like a year now or more,,

Quantum Redshift (Same as Splinter Cell, I need to see it),

Marrowind (Plerase, again better on the PC, next...),

Project Gotham Racing (I have over 28 racing games on the PS2, no need for more),

MechAssault (Wow, finally a good game, it took enough games on this list to name a good one here and there)

Steel Battalion (hahaha Yuck),

Toe Jam & Earl 3 (Again hahaha YUCK, lame junk, Thank god its Xbox only),

Unreal Championship ( it on PS2 and the PC, best on PC anywho)

The Thing (awesome title on all systems, Ill give it that), Medal of Honor (again Best on the PC anywho),

plus future games in the works like Ninja Gaiden, DOA XBV, Panzer Dragoon Orta, Doom 3, Kung Fu Chaos, Halo 2.

Future games? hahaha your a positive thinker. hehehe you think Xbox has a future?

They got approx 1 year left before its dead...they better work thier ass off and get more shit or they wont even release thier planned games...PS2 is Online now, and Xbox hasnt got a its got a few handful of games that are ok, and if they didnt COPY the style of the PS2 pad it wouldnt even be worthwhile to own one...

and Gallstaff, I do NOT try to do anything thats the "cool thing to do" I do what I like to do. period. I tried out BOTH systems and I gave my thoughts on how I like the products, thats all....I use Windows for no other reason than I got it for free, and got used to its crashing and freezing up and shit, but like I said, I will not "BUY" anything made by Micro$oft aka Microshaft ever, they have enough money, and the stuff they make really really sucks anyways!!
The Xbox's ONLY good games are copied from the PS2 the New Metal Gear and Silent Hill 2, Star Wars, etc....but as for the "origonal xbox only stuff" yuck get them away from me, shit!

I remember the day people thought the 3DO of mine, and My Saturn had a future also!
I knew the truth even back then that PSX would outlast my 3DO and Saturn, and to this day we still see new PSone games. Unreal how far the Sony PSX's went...Im surprised by far....SNK's Neo-Geo is the ONLY other system to last that long.

FAKK, i felt the same way about the Playstation back in 1996-1998, the way you feel about the X-Box now. I owned a saturn and I hated how everyone counted it out, and didn't like the games without the chance... i did convert a few friends with Fighters Megamix and Panzer Dragoon Saga. Good times.

I can almost see where you're coming from talking about the X-Box.

The one thing about everyone, is why they hell they don't like Microsoft. Just what is so bad? Did Gates mow grass shreddings on to your car? (Still sorry about your neighbors, Ice)

Ugh, just have to make a note on the side here... I'm really tired as piss of those people bringing up the argument of "So you hate Microsoft/its products? Well, which OS do you use on your PC?"

Dammit, too many of us have no CHOICE but to use Windows, be it for compatibility/support reasons (hardware, drivers) or simply for the fact that much great software is Windows-only... I'm sure Linux is great and comes with its own sizable computing world/community to explore, but... heck, there's a reason I stuck with my Amiga from 1988 until 1999 when I *had* to get a Windows PC because of college...

Let's see. If I were to switch to Linux right now, sure, I'd probably find drivers for my Voodoo3 (don't laugh) and my SBLive! cards. I'd continue using Mozilla for my web browsing and email. I could record data and audio CDs, but could I burn Nero or CDI images? Could I find a Linux audio editor that's as good as Sonic Foundry's Sound Forge? What of MIDI support? (See, I'm a hobby musician...) Games, don't care about games, have a Saturn/Dreamcast for that... and what of all the USEFUL little accessories I have, like my favorite file browser PowerDesk, or Winamp, the ModPlug player, virus scanner/firewall, Trillian (best damn instant-messaging client), Mailwasher (best damn spam filtering tool), and of the lesser-known but equally great pieces of software, MED Soundstudio, the Windows evolution of the Amiga's OctaMED Professional.... And my USB webcam/scanner, would they have decent support? Drivers even? Webcam software that compares to the wonderful ConquerCam which I use to do live cam shows from time to time? What of filesharing, is there anything for Linux that even remotely compares to WinMX? Granted, DC++ at least could be recompiled if it hasn't already been...

But you see the prob....*eventually* you're bound to run into something you just can't find the right software or support for... and Windows is always the first to have support for new, emerging technologies, one of many examples being Intel's HyperThreading for their new 3.0GHz+ P4 processors coming soon....etc.....etc......etc........

Bottom line, stop bugging people about using Windows as if they just did it for the fun of it all - some do, but too many don't.

I'd say there are equivalents of all the software you want (see this list for example). You may have to change the way you work, but for most people the highest barrier is that they want the exact software they were using before and refuse to adapt. Fortunately for those people, Wine is constantly improving.

Back to topic, the X-box, like the PS2 and GC uses a standard DVD-ROM drive, similar to the ones found in DVD players. These drives, unlikely the PC DVD-Rom drives, have problems with certain CDRs. Most DVD players also do have such problem. It has something to do with the different CDR dye colors, each one has a slightly different refraction factor, and some can get pretty darn hard for a DVD-ROM drive's laser to read. On the X-box things might be worse, because I think it plays audio CDs in digital mode, thus getting more pricky when it comes to readbility.

To solve the problem for once and all, try different CDR brands, and if noone of those works, use a CDRW. The CDRW dye's refraction factor is much closer to the DVD's, and all DVD-drives can read them easily, unless intentionally blocked to do so.

I dont think the GCN uses a standard DVD drive. If it did, then u could be able to read them in a PC DVD drive. I think it's special drive, a one-of-a-kind type of thing.

FAKK you sound like a whiny baby. I have yet to hear anything from your mouth that I should actually take seriously, since most of what you say is just biased wishwash.

Originally posted by cherok@Nov. 28 2002, 3:47 pm

FAKK you sound like a whiny baby.

Yeah he does.

Instead of a long post no one will read (like all of FAKK's posts), I just have to say that no one respects fanboys who bash systems.

BTW, why is this on SegaXtreme?

FYI the GC DOES use a dvd drive...albeit a customized one.

Here is why you can't read the GC discs:

1. The GC spins the disc counter-clockwise while CD's and normal DVD's spin clockwise.

2. The GC uses a custom TOC (table of contents or lead in) on their discs that cannot be recognized by any standard DVD drive.

3. The GC uses a custom file system (kinda like FAT, FAT32, NTSF, etc). Because of this no OS can read the contents of the disc (assuming it got past the custom TOC) because it doesn't have a system driver to recognize the GC's file system.

Other than this everything about a GC disc conforms to DVD standards.