Play EUR (PAL) SS Games

Evil Jane

Ban Hammered
I just got a copy of EUR (PAL) SS games and play on my jp white Saturn (NTSC). The problem is the screen is down a little bit. Any way to fix it? Some of my PAL SS games is work fine, so i wonder why it happen?
The games you are trying to play have been optimised for PAL systems. What you are noticing is called overscan - basically the image is too large for the screen. It doesn't affect some games, since some games aren't optimised for PAL.
so, there is no way we can fix it?
I once saw a list somewhere that had some PAL optimsed games on it, bit buggered if I can find it now. ???

I've got a bit of a game list together that I'll check tomorrow then post.

[edit] It's actually taking me much longer than expected. I'll post it when I can.
Just out of interest, is it possible to do the 50/60Hz mod on an original Japanese grey Saturn? I know it works on the PAL Saturns but I've never tried it on an NTSC one.