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Hey big jim just wanted to say hi . i have a question for you .. is it just me or is it as hard as nails to get on one of these ftp sites to try and get a game . have been here for 3 days and only once tonight have i been able to connect with an ftp ( blurs ftp ) which has no sega games . anyways just wanted to say hi and ask a question . .........and thats my two cents

please anyone don't send me messages like this.
well jim you where one of the only people present to talk too at the time .I guess that was a mistake . thought i would ask you a question im sorry that it bothered you so much .But dont be an ass***e if you have a problem then tell me . ??? ??? ??? ..........................................................................................

He did tell you...and the rest of us
i have nothing negative to say...

hell hes right.. it is hard, theres alot of peeps trying to access all of our FTPs, and of course they are always full.

For a regular user you can either..

-keep on trying and never give up (without hammering like a fool)


-you should upload exquisite shit to impress the admin, maybe make a deal with him/her that if you have GOOD shit. I'm talking GOOD shit, and have a good upload speed, good amount of stuff to upload and willing to upload whatever the admin wants.. Then the admin could possibly give you special access to the FTP.

Ive got alot of great people helping me out, and like always i give them credit for their hard work and uploads.

oh and did i mention my FTP is back up? Its monday! And you know what time it IS!! Be sure to check out the news!

Its peanut butter jelly time!!
I guess I see it kind of pointless to have posted the message and name like that. There's no reason that couldn't have been handled privately.

<<Archiver, who likes the SE community, but is annoyed with the way some people treat others at times.
well i did answer him in a nice mannor i told him that i don't like to be called big jim and i told him that i haven't used the ftps in a damn long time. true i guess i could have left out his name but i didn't not like it's a big deal i mean nothing bad was said. so i'll apoligise for my actions slrdd i'm sorry i posted your name with the message you sent me.