policenauts  movie

hey guys- i was wonderin if there was a way that the movies from policenauts could be extracted, and converted into a viewable format like avi, etc. id appreciate if anyone could tell me if this can be done, and if so how. thanks!
I never seen or played Policenaughts but I noticed this with Snatcher for Saturn. If the case or manual states Truemotion and you don't find any avi files it might be renamed as a .tm file.

Going by other company games it may even be renamed as anything else. Look for a huge file. It may be a avi file in hiding. A simple rename will get it to work with TMPlayer.
thanks for the suggestions guys... i explored the cd, and on it theres a folder named "movies" with a bunch of files in it, they have the extension of .mov- but they arent playable under quicktime, or microsoft media player.... any suggestions..
Yea, go download cinepak2avi and true motion player from the miscellaneous section. Then copy the video files you want onto your hard drive (some files need this done). After words, try to open them by clicking and draging them onto the exe file of the two players that you downloaded from the miscellaneous section. one of them should work.
thnks for the idea, but it wont work- ive tried copying them onto my hd- then draggin it to the program, but its a no go... but thanks for replyin! :)