Possible mod board problems?

I just recently recieved a mod board and installed it in the saturn. After checking the connections and replacing the battery, it still will load any games, cd-r or legit. Previous topics suggest a faulty mod board, but are there any ways to check before I possibly make an ass of myself to game gizmo?
Does your Saturn have a 32 pin IC or a 64 pin IC on the CD board?

How did you install the modboard?

If you remove the mod, will the Saturn boot originals again?
It is a 32-pin. I don't have any desoldering braids, but if I remove the mod from its slot and replace it with the cable, there is no difference. I installed the board with these instructions: Here.
It could be that you've accidentally linked two of the IC's legs when you soldered the signal wire to the 32 pin IC. Get some desoldering braid, remove the wire and any excess solder and see if that helps.

Let's try to get the Saturn booting on its own again first.