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Hi ppl, i thought it would be interesting to post pictures of urselves. That way all the members could get a better idea of who we are interacting with etc. Not just some alias name, but a real person ya know? I'll up mine as soon as i get my digi. cam hooked up which will probably be early tomorrow morning.
i remember someone had a thread asking the same thing once... nobody put their pic up but Shameus (sp?) i think...
twasn't me cause i only joined this month. Look peeps i'm not a friggen stalker lol .... or am i... no i'm just kiddin, i'm not, but it would be cool to see the whole sega xtreme community. Ok fine i'll post mine but i where do i click to open the file from my computer. Man there should be a browse button...
oh i see... i guess i gotta up it to someplace on the net....

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Quote: from JCTango on 3:58 pm on Feb. 23, 2002

i remember someone had a thread asking the same thing once... nobody put their pic up but Shameus (sp?) i think...

It was Shaneus. I think that thread disappeared in a forum glitch.
I"m 14, i just look younger cause the camera is positioned on the top of the computer which is on top of stand so it's showing down at me.
I mean 14 is young...very!Hard to think that someone plays Old Sega consoles in that age...most of the people in that age would say:"Hey diz iz shit maaan,diz haznt got any kewl graphikz...." Wow.....that got me impressed...
i agree man. Usually kids these days have ADD or Glad to see kids are still lapping up the good Sega stuff
I aprecheate the finer things in life. I grew up with sonic and mario, those #### litte sprites gave me a warm tingly feeling inside. I got my first nintedno when i was 3! and got a genesis as soon as they took off in 1992. I always liked the old systems more than the new ones... #### i'm probably the youngest one on this board! I'm da shitz.... #### yes
Quote: from Supergrom on 10:04 pm on Feb. 23, 2002

im 16, and i play a LOT more old school games than new ones. In fact, i mostly use my dreamcast for emulation. Im just kinda mad that i wasnt old enough to appreciate any of the good old games, and get original copies =( now half of them are rare and expensive (and still beyond my budget)

Holy Crap ! I'm 14 tho and I'm the same way as you :) But lately i've been getting my mates hooked on older games (I letting one of my friends borrowing my copys of Lunar 1 and 2)
I would post a pic just the majority of people on this board are guys and i don't see the point in a bunch of guys looking at my pic.