Power Supply Unit Questions

I have just got me a gray jap saturn. I live in australia, and but the looks of things some fellow aussie hooked it right up to the 240V when jap run at 110v "or soemthing" anyway this PSU seems to be fryed. the guy has swaped the fuse in it trying to get it to work.. so here are my questions

1) What fuse come is jap saturns units

2) if i was to swap the jap PSU board with Aussie PSU board, would that work ? as both the main borad still use the same voltage ?

3) would a PSU form a round button sautn who in an gray ovel button saturn

4) has anyone done this sort of thing b4 ?

Also i have 3 different MOD's all working in my saturns.

1) is a saturn with a lik-sang mod hooked up to a 32pin chip

2) is a saurn useing a chip from game gizmos and useing MALS method "THANKS MAL full respects to you!"

3) is my gray jap satrun with a pass through MOD.. would people be keen on pics of all these diffenerent mods ?

I don't know about the fuse in a Jap Saturn as I've never had one. I imagine it would be around double the amperage of a 240V Saturn.

If you were to swap power supplies, you'd need to make sure that has the same number of supply pins and each pin supplies the same voltage.

Some Saturns only have four pins from the power supply board to the mainboard while some have five.

Also the voltages they supply can differ. I have two model 2 Saturns and

one has and the other has

9v 9v

5v 5v

5v 3.3v

0v 0v

0v 0v

I don't know of anyone that has tried this before.

Some pics of the different mod installs would be great. I'm planning on writing a mini modding FAQ for this forum and they would be ideal.
Hi, i have tried changing the power suplies in my Jap saturns to a more convienient pal system, but you have to watch out as some power supplies dont actually physically fit into the sytem. I had this problem with two Jap Model 2 Systems. One had a 64 Pin ICC and the othe had the 32 Pin ICC and both had totally different power supplies. i eventually went with the step down converter. It only costs me $20 and i can use it on all of my foriegn consoles.

Note, the Jap Saturn i tried to swap power supplies in was a HSST-0015, i tried a swap with a early PAL saturn and it didnt fit!
the thing is i MUST replace this power supply, i have a step down converter, but the jap PSU is dead, and i dont want to have to import another one just to swap over teh PSU. thats why i am thinking of doing this.

anyone with a gray saturn or a model one JAP saturn and knows the voltage outputs would be great if you can post them. as i have NO way of testing this current one.

MAL do u know the voltage of the model one PAL saturn units ? i might togo cash converters and get a few model one with different numbers on the back and see what one is best suited for the transplant.
I don't know them off the top of my head but I have a model 1 at home and will check it tonight.

Watch this space.
Thanks MAL. i am also posting some pics of the PSU i have now removed from the ray Jap unit. have a quick look and if any of you know of a PSU that is the same size/shape post the info here plz. the bigs are big so sorry to dial-up users

the address is

I've got a Japanese model 1 Saturn and I put in the PSU from a dead PAL Model 1, it works fine. Saturn PSU's are fully interchangable, same as with the Dreamcast, provided your doner Saturn is the same model as the Japanese one.
Looking at the first picture you've taken it appears to already be a 240v power supply. There's text on the PCB that says '1.25A 240V'.

While it is slightly different, it is quite similar to my 240V model 1 power supply. On my power supply the cables are:

White - 9V

Red - 5V

Orange - 3.3V

Black - 0V

Black - 0V

That is most likely the same as yours, but I can't be 100% sure. The voltages might be written right next to the connector on the power supply (as they are on mine), but from your pics I just can't see.

What is odd though is the red thing on the bottom of the power supply. It looks like a link between 9v and 5v. I can't think why it should be there. ???
MAL: The red thing is where the wire for hte mod chip was soildered, i had to cut it so i could remove teh PSU, it was connected to what i beleve to be the 5 volt. MAL i am assumining the blacks are earths ? is that correct

segasonic: Thanks mate you have made me a happy man knowing i can do it now. i just hope the saturn still works and hte PSU was the only problem.

segasonic just to varify MALS post can you post the volts of the connectors on yours.. if not dont worry, i would just like to see if its 3.3 also

i have heard JAP units sold in HK have the PSU changed over to teh 240 volt one. my mate has a white saturn he get from HK and its 240 volt. welp i hope to get this show on the road.

thanks for you help all.. ill put some pic up here of the transplant operation and ill let you know if i was able to get it working..

If not i might just put an aussue saturn in the gary case as it look different to the black one and i quite like hte blue buttons hehe
That makes sense about the 5v for the mod.

As I said in my last post, it looks like it is already a 240V power supply. Try fitting a 240v 1.25 Amp fuse. It might all you need to do.
yea, sometimes i feel silly i never noticed teh 240 printing on the PCB i have a fuss and ill try that after this post.. do u know what that white studd is in Pic3 ill test the fuss now and then post the news.
as soon as i powered it up with hte new fuse.. i saw a BIG WHITE flash and then nothing, the fuse is now blown. today is melb cup "public holiday" in melbourne.. so i hope cash converters are open lol..
Perhaps the power supply itself has a fault. ???

Best of luck finding another model 1.