Pre-modded Saturn

From: Raijin Z


Sent: Friday, March 08, 2002 2:47 AM

Subject: The Saturn Chip 21/20 Pin Chip..............

Okay, I've done a LOT of looking around for a 20 pin mod board for the 20 pin Model 1 Sega Saturn, number 80000, and your site has apparently been the only one with one available. Could I have some more info about the chip in question? Is it a combination chip, or do the 21 and 20 pin connectors attach to the board separately? What all comes with the package, such as wires, ribbon cable, and etceteras? If I hadn't lost my Saturn for two years in the Phantom Zone, I probably wouldn't be having so much trouble locating a chip for it, but ah well.

Thanks in advance.....


Raijin Z, the Un-Artist



Just get a 21 pin saturn our chips work fine


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