Preserve CD-i is dumping a lot of obscure Philips CD-i discs on


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"Holy cow, what a beautiful sight! Another rich batch of goodies from the godfather of CD-i himself, Blazers.

Well there's a lot to unpack in this photo, let's chat! First and foremost we have a plethora of Japanese releases, including the neat as heck Japan exclusive Horoscope

You might also notice the Yuki Saito "Anniversary" CD-i Ready disc - another Japanese exclusive.

Additionally a big handful of rare Euro goodies! Shaolin's Road, Alfapet, and Foqus (which has a mastering quirk I'm still exploring how to get a proper dump out of).

Plunderball, oh my! (more on that soon). Very soon.

And right on top, one of the rarest Tandy VIS titles - now preserved!

The roms are ready to be played (with a few in "coming soon" status) onto
I took cover scans of most everything, so they will eventually make their way up there too when my busy busy with work life slows down.

All praise to Blazers, ramen. Thank you for culturally appropriating all of Japan's CD-i titles for the enjoyment of all." @seventy777
Nice !
Every old machine needs to be preserved... I know youngsters don't like them, but it's history.
Some games would be done like that anymore...