Pretty Fighter for Genesis?

There was an ebay auction for Pretty Fighter for the Sega genesis. I have never heard of this title being available for the Genesis/Mega Drive!

The bid was really low and it was about to close, BUT the picture was really blurry and I could not identify the cart. So I did not bid.

Did I just miss out on something special? or did I avoid a shady misleading auction? Here is the link:

Can someone take a look and tell me if this is real. Or at least, if you know whether of not this game exists.

I figured out what game it was. The guy had the title wrong. But, it was another game I actually wanted. But, oh well. I didn't bid.
I think I remember playing it once on an emu a couple years back. Don't think it was very good other than a few minutes of entertainment.
ok ok. The game was "Mamono Hunter Yohko" or Devil/Demon hunter Yoko.

It is suppose to be a pretty lame side scroller. I was trying to get in auction because I missed the chance to get it when it was mislabeled. The auction closed at 2 bucks as "pretty fighter" !!! The main character is a girl, so the confusion is understandable, I guess.

Anyway, with the correct title, it's up to 20 bucks with 2 hours in the auction to go (despite the really bad reviews on game sites.) I will take a pass on it this time.

As a bootleg collector, I was hoping it was some strange rip-off cart. I am still looking for Tekken! Whenever I see it overseas, someone wants 80 bucks for it! And it is only a graphic change of Virtua Fighter! ha ha ha!