Problem capturing Saturn on a pc

Has anyone ever tried video capturing their Saturn-playing on a PC?

I have a USB camera which has a video-in jack. If I hook up a vcr or camcorder, the pc can capture the video (to make an AVI or whatever). However, if I try to capture the output from my Saturn, all I get on the PC is a blue screen.

It's almost like there is some kind of mechanism to prevent recording the image. I can record the Saturn game-playing with the vcr and play it back on the tv just fine, but the pc just shows a blue screen during playback.

Maybe I just need a better camera? Anyone ever tried this?
Sounds like your USB camera doesn't like the sync signal from your Saturn. Have you tried running the Saturn through the VCR?
Thanks guys. Unfortunately, I have tried both of those approaches (plus many more) to no avail.

The really baffling thing is that it still won't work after I record the game on vhs & then play it back.

For some reason, my camera must not be compatible. I tried with an N64 tonight with the same result -- blue screen on pc. VHS movies play fine though.