problem in lunar 1 soundtracks...

I've downloaded lunar 1, and it was binchunked.

Usually, in binchunked games, track 2 isn't binchunked.

But in this case, track2 (first audio track), has about 2 secs of silence too at the beginning. Can somebody check how much silence there's supposed to be?
ermm, its a little off topic, but would you be willing to trade for any games, and the only way to check how much silence is to play through the game.
well, if someone has the real CD, he can actually check in the sega cd bios, where you can play all the tracks...
Well I own an orginal Lunar for Sega CD.. =
= Track 02 should be 14 seconds

It wasn't binchunked then! But why where there 2 secs of pause at the beginning of each track, and why was the gam out of sync?
the audio will always be out of sync with this game if you use a ISO/MP3 release... because of the way the game is done... it uses the audio tracks for some of the voice tracks.. and so if the MP3 will always be incorrect.. MP3's are always off just a little... for this game.. I would get the full ISO or BIN/CUE of this game... I BIN/CUE'd it.. and RAR'd it.. just to see what the size would be... 283MB it's about 500 MB Uncompressed....
Yup, AmyGrrl is right on the money. I've made accurate rips from the original, and still the MP3s are slightly out of sync. It's not horribly out of sync, but it's off just enough to annoy the hell out of me
I think it's the Fraunhofer MP3 timing bugs, but who knows.

There are two Sega CD games I know of that people should really avoid ISO+MP3s versions at all costs, and just wait to find disc images (bin/cue) for. Lunar is one, and Snatcher is the other.

If anyone's using XP, don't forget you can compress the isos/bins (via compressed folders) to save some space, and mount the images using something like Daemon tools.