Problem with Prince of Persia

Has anyone had any problems with Prince of Persia hanging at the title screen? It freezes up on my Sega CD, but I can play it fine on Gens, anyone know what could be causing this?


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How fast are you burning it?

I don't think Sega CDs are too good with fast burns.
Could be the same rip in a different form, the first was ISO+MP3 and the second was BIN/CUE, so it could be a re-rip of the first.
I have a model 2 and a Prince of Persia original disc, which plays fine. I made a backup of it and that seems to play fine as well.

If you want to talk about this more in-depth, find me on the classic sega hub (see this post )
I think the freezing is caused by the Sega CD not being able to read the audio tracks, when the first screen starts up, there is no music, though there is when its played with Gens. I tried to burn it track at once, but Nero claims my burner dosn't support TAO. Anyone got any suggestions?
Are you sure you burned the music files. It could be that you here sound in gens but not the music that is supposed to be there. Some games will not play on SegaCd when there are no music tracks.

I never burn with track at once but disc at once, so that would not be a problem.




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Its probably just the rip... I had the same problems with a common rip of Lunar floating around. Ran fine in Gens, did not on my SCD. But I eventually bought it (again) and ripped it myself.
Yeah, I burned the music files, made a cuesheet with the Sega Cue Sheet Generator and burned the cue with Nero. Its strange becuase I've burned loads of Sega CD games in ISO+MP3 format and this is the only one I havn't gotten too work on the first try.
:agree , it's probably the rip. Maybe it is converted from eu to us or something.

Just for the curiousity, why do you want prince of persia? If you like that genre I would rather prefer FlashBack or Heart of the Alien. I downloaded them a few days ago from edonkey and they work just fine!
I mainly want Prince of Persia for nostalgia, I used to play it a lot when I was a kid, and I still find it to be a really enjoyable game.
Yeah you're right, that is probably why we all play sega cd's!

I played prince of persia to when I was a kid, only that was on the computer. I remember the game as a very hard game, especially the slow controls. But I have to admit: it is nice to be a prince and to save a good looking princess :wub: . We all played it till the final kiss (or was that prince of persia 2?).

I think your only chance of getting it, is to buy it or to wait till there is a good image to download.