Problem with Snatcher

I was just wondering if anyone else had this problem? I just got snatcher, and burned it, but the audio tracks (only used during cutscenes) are about 7 seconds lat with the visuals. I use Nero to burn the ISO/Wav using a Cue sheet, and I burned at 2x speed. Does anyone know what went wrong here? And it's not my emulator, since I'm playing it on an actual Sega CD
it's not just you, EVERYONE has this problem with a rip of snatcher. Snatcher uses it's pregaps.. or post gaps whicherver, oddly so the audio gets all messed up when ripped if the program you are ripping it with takes away silence at the beggining of audio (which most do). this probably will cause the game to freeze later into it, since the scd will search for audio and if it doesn't find it, it will just keep on searching thus giving you a never ending cycle of pain and dooooooooooom
Best i can say is to rip it to your pc (unless the original rip you downloaded is still there) and then get an audio editing program to add 6 seconnds of silence to each wav at the beginning. I use goldwave for this.