problem with sound track

hi i haven t the background music when i play shining force cd
. Who can explain in detail what must i do in order to have music?I have put the mp3 files in the same directory as the game but it doesnt work =/

please help me i m little noob in emulation

thxs a lot!

From Gens.txt

* Running a Sega-CD/Mega-CD Game from a CD image/Mp3 file:


Gens also supports CD images (backups) in .iso/.bin/.raw format with .mp3

audio. It is recommended that when using CD images that you have both the CD

image and the correct .mp3 files available as many games will not run if the

audio tracks aren't present.

For Gens to correctly identify any .mp3 audio tracks for your CD images they

have to be placed in the same directory as the CD image file with the same

file name as the CD image followed by a track number. For example if you are

using a CD image called Blaster.iso with three .mp3 files you would need to

put all the files in the same directory and rename them like this:


Blaster 02.mp3

Blaster 03.mp3

Blaster 04.mp3

There are a couple of important points to remember when setting up your CD

images & .mp3 files for use with Gens:

* The CD Image should NOT be numbered, it won't work if you have

"Blaster 01.iso" instead of "Blaster.iso"!

* The CD image acts as track one so the first audio track will always

be track two+.

* The track numbers must also be a TWO DIGIT number: 02, 03,...10 etc.,

NOT 2, 3,...10.

* The space between the file name and the track number is optional.

And what a fabulous manual it is too.

I was just a little annoyed as both of manwhoneedshelp's problems probably could have been solved by a little light reading... *sigh*
Shouldn't we refer those who are asking about emulation help to the emulators official forums? Then again, it's not like many ask for emulator help for it to be a bother i guess.
I just wanna know whether manwhoneedshelp got his issues licked or not. Would he even tell us? Noooo.....

I wonder if those mp3 files were VBR-encoded btw...