Project Berekly

GD-rom :(

I don't even know this is a Dreamcast disc...

Anyone with the cd have the DC-Broad Band or Serial Cable?? Can you rip the cd for us?
I too Miles..

If this is a movie, anyone can capture the video and convert to AVI DivX?

Please! I realy like to see the movie.

Im a big fan of Shenmue, and PB is a piece of Shenmue...
Yes, it was a saturn game. The operative word there being "was". It was canned and later released on Dreamcast as the Shenmue you now know and love.
curtis, think for a moment, why would they make a demo on a dreamcast disk for project berkly if it was going to be on the saturn? I know a version of shenue was going to be on saturn, but i think that that project berkly disk was intended to show a future dreamcast game. But i totally agree, there was going to be a version of shenmue on saturn... i just think that was canned before the berkly cd was introduced.