Project : convert yamaha YMxxx FM to saturn scsp FM


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Has anyone ever managed to get SCSP DSP effects working?
The DSP linker as several DSP programs ready to be used, so it's easy to generate a SCSP DSP binary file (.EXB)
I tried using SBL, with a proper map (DSP program + DSP work ram), but the program doesn't even show up in Yabause SCSP DSP debugger.

    fid = ztCDopen((Sint8*)"DSP.EXB");
    ztCDload(fid, 0, (Uint32 *)LWRAM, dspSize);
    SND_MoveData((Uint16*)LWRAM, (Uint32)dspSize, SND_KD_DSP_PRG, 0);

Then it's supposed to work using :


And I call the sound effects this way :
    SND_CtrlDirMidi(0x00, 0x00, MidiNoteOff, Channel1, SFX, 127); //Stop the note (clears the channel)
    SND_CtrlDirMidi(0x00, 0x00, MidiNoteOn, Channel1, SFX, 127); //Plays the note (it will stop playing once it's done, but won't clear the channel)

The audio works fine, but I can't seem to get the DSP program to even start.

Any idea?
And how can you even link the DSP effects with redbook audio?
I've seen no examples at all, I just know it's supposed to be possible.


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The DSP program example in dAsms manual p. 22-28 operates on CD audio.
Good to know. The dsp linker mac program includes several dsp programs, so my issue isn't really to write programs, it's how to even use them within sbl and the official driver.
So far I could never make a program show up in Yabause's scsp dsp debugger