project ikaruga

this game NEEDS to get a home conversion.. i'm sorry for posting this in the saturn section, but it needs to get as much exposure as possible.. if you need more details, check the post in the dreamcast section..


and the petition:

i'm not sure, but it's better than sitting on your ass doing nothing about it..

if you haven't signed it yet, do it!! it takes like 30 seconds...
in short:

no, none of those petitions have ever worked

i doubt they're even read.

especially not when they originate from a group who is known for copying console software :) 'please release this for dreamcast so we can get free copies off the 'net' doesnt tug at a software exec's heartstrings..

i shouldnt even have to mention how every online petition has 'bart simpson' and 'cartman' signing it 9000 times..

but, if you want to do something:

make a statement with your wallet. go buy every shooter you can for every console you own. theres a shortage of 'em cuz, quite frankly, they aren't as profitable as another quake clone or cheezy harry potter game.

like it or not, they aint runnin a non-profit orginization

and, support these agetec releases.. its americas only chance to get ahold of a ton of cool japanese games which would otherwise never see american soil.. (fatal fury: motw, for example)