PS2 Games

Hey, after recently getting rid of my PS2 due to recieving a GAMECUBE
I have realised that i still have 10 PS2 games left over that i need to sell.....they are all pal and in perfect condition. So if Anyone is interested in what i have plz PM. REMEMBER ALL GAMES ARE PAL REGION AND PRICES WILL BE IN AUD.

The price range im going for is $15-$40 so just pm me to get full list and prices.
I Didnt List Them Because I Didnt Have Them In My Possession At The Time I Posted This! They Were At A Mates House!

Tekken 4 - $50 AUD

Medal Of Honor: Frontline - $40

Gran Turismo 3 - $20

Resident Evil Code: V X - $20

Dead Or Alive 2 - $15

Kengo: Master of Bushido - $30

Kingdom Hearts - $60

Virtua Fighter 4 - $30

NBA Street - $20

All Prices Are In AUD And I Will Accept Payment From Other Countries.

Now Mal Does That Satisfy You?!??!